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2016 - WOW - What a Year!

Makes me love the Georgia Mountains even more.

2016 was a year like none other. Trump, Clinton, ISIS, Stock Market, Supreme Court, Transgender Bathrooms, Forest Fires, Deflategate, Feel the Bern, and on and on. How about you? Was 2016 a wild year?

Good or bad, when I look back on 2016, I want to personally thank each-and-every client for trusting Cone & Associates with your important financial matters. We are honored to serve you. I also want to thank the talented people here at Cone who sincerely seek to serve, rather than be served.

Growth has been a big part of 2016 for Cone & Associates…the City of Blairsville, the North Georgia Mountains, and the State of Georgia. Being so close to North Carolina and Tennessee, we were part of their growth too. I am excited about our future and see big things happening in 2017, starting with our new website and a new sign along Cleveland Street (Hwy 129). Please check those out.

Oh yeah, tax season is here! Order your 2016 Organizer to help pull everything together in one place. If we did your taxes last year, you will see exactly what taxes and deductions you claimed last year.

Have a Very Happy New Year!

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