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We offer the following service categories for all of our business clients:

Accounting Services

Cone & Associates, with its specialized industry knowledge and unparalleled expertise, supports our clients through complex financial landscapes that might be unique to their industries. We also help our partners and clients go beyond the current landscapes to become genuinely innovative organizations, positioned for future success.  

We offer a variety of accounting services to meet your unique needs including accounting assistance, compilations, and write-up services. Our objective is to provide you with timely and reliable accounting information and offer our expert analysis to improve your business decision-making and assist in executing your tax planning strategies.


The staff members at Cone & Associates are experts in providing a wide range of accounting assistance services including accounting software selection and implementation, accounting system consulting, accounting and tax method selections, and general ledger maintenance services such as transaction analysis and preparation of adjusting journal entries. If desired, we can interface with your accounting system in real-time and update your accounting records directly from our office giving you immediate access to current financial information.


The objective of the accountant in a compilation engagement is to apply accounting and financial reporting expertise to assist management in the presentation of financial statements and issue an

accountant’s report on such statements. If your financial statements may be read or used by an external user such as a bank or investor then a compilation engagement may be appropriate.

[I will get formal definition from AICPA for above language and note also that the AICPA recently added another level of engagements that fall below the level of Compilations and I’ll get that language]


Many of our clients don’t have the resources or interest in maintaining their own general ledger and financial statements “in-house.” For those businesses we offer comprehensive bookkeeping services on

a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. As an added value, we are available to meet with management or business owners to review and discuss the financial statements in order to assist them with their understanding of the financial results and provide proactive financial analysis and advice.


Taxes are critically important to all of our clients. Through continuing professional education the professionals at Cone & Associates CPAs are knowledgeable of federal, state and local changing tax laws so that we can give sound advice for planning to minimize your tax burden, while following the law and upholding the highest professional standards.

Tax services provided by Cone & Associate include:

  • Comprehensive income, sales and payroll tax services

  • Income tax projections

  • Tax research and innovative solutions to challenging tax problems

  • Year-round advice on specific transactions

  • Preparation and review of income tax returns

  • Planning and execution of mergers, reorganizations, acquisitions and dispositions

  • Analyzing and planning the best form of business entity

  • Representation during IRS examinations

  • Preparation and filing of formal protests regarding proposed tax deficiencies

  • Representation before Internal Revenue Service Appeals

  • Settlement negotiations at all stages of the audit process



When considering the right business entity, we examine the advantages and disadvantages of each type.  If more than one entity is involved, Cone & Associates CPAs also determine how clients can best deal with the complexity of the resulting formation.   


We look at many business and operational issues when considering how an enterprise should be organized into the four primary categories: capitalization, compensation, allocation of profits and losses, and distributions.

Forming a business entity is extremely important because the structure of a business determines the personal liability of the founders, how taxes are paid, and other critical details.


We have the experience and expertise in areas of forensic accounting, fraud examination, loss of earnings, bankruptcy, civil litigation, expert witness, dispute resolutions and economic damage calculation. Financial and tax implications are almost always a consideration when resolving legal disputes.


Our professionals can work with your attorney in analyzing and summarizing the financial and tax aspects of your business case.


We work closely with individuals to prepare business plans, projections, and financial statements that may be required.  There are three ways we help you secure a loan: 

  1. Articulate the purpose of the loan to meet lender qualifications

  2. Quantify your current financial condition

  3. Present the financial information to improve the chances a bank will approve a loan request


At Cone & Associates we understand the importance of how a business manages capital.  We know that capital management impacts a businesses competitive position in the market. Therefore, we strive to create economic value for our clients by helping them make smart decisions about their use of capital and important transactions.

We provide guidance and strategies on how best to raise, invest, optimize and preserve capital. Our goal is to help you achieve your best capital performance, deliver value to your stakeholders and meet your strategic corporate objectives.

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